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Lovers of seas, sands, and sunbath are sure to have Bahamas on their list of holiday destinations. The azure hues of the sky and the water look magnificent. Consisting of about 700 islands and more than 2000 small cays dotted across the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Bahamas lies 50 miles away from Florida. It was once known for being frequented by pirates but now the place accretes vacation inspirations for the rich, the famous and anybody who loves fishing and sailing.


Nassau, the capital, is a major tourist spot. The cruise port is bubbling with energy and houses several mega resorts, restaurants, and entertainment options. Small cluster of islands called the Family Islands or Out Islands have their own characteristic charm. The Bahama Banks, Abacos and Exumas offer best opportunities for boating and sailing. The characteristic features of these islands are their peaceful nature, the fishing villages and the coral reefs. Entertainments include the nation’s most popular and colourful festival, Junkanoo, celebrated around New Year.

Bimini Island, known as the “Big Game Fishing Capital of The Bahamas” is just about 45 miles away from Miami, Florida. The cluster of islands is shaped like a fish-hook and is famous for hosting deep sea fishing tournaments from March to September. Other options like diving or snorkeling are present too. Ernest Hemingway spent many a summers in Bimini, and got inspired to write books like “The Old Man and the Sea” and “Islands in the Stream”. Hence, the place comes out as the reason for vacation inspirations for the tourists and common people all over the world.

In the eastern stretch of the Bahamas lies the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park. It is a marine protected area and is one of the most impressive locations for its striking seascapes. The area is popular among divers, snorkelers, and boaters because of the abundant marine life and clear blue waters. They are so crystal clear sometimes that people may even get a 100-foot plus visibility.

Bahamas is a tropical paradise and provide tourists with a memorable and rejuvenating experience altogether. Beach lovers will rarely want to miss this out.




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